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Anaerobic digestion

Fields of anaerobic digestion

According to the type of waste and technologies used there exist several chains of anaerobic digestion in France.  This site is interested especially in the chains for effluents, centralized platform and the anaerobic digestion in farms and associated technologies. The difference between the various chains intervenes with respect to the legislations, of the actors, types of waste, techniques and objectives.

Field Type of organic matter Technology Built Actors concerned
Industrial waste processing Water resulting from washing, water of end of industrial process
UASB, IF, IC, SBR, Proveo©
130 Industries
Energy park of anaerobic digesters Liquid manure, agro-alimentary industry waste, (energy crops) CSTR 0 in France,
2 in Europe
Industries, Farmers, Communities, Investors
Centralized platform Liquid manure, manure, agro-alimentary industry waste, (energy crops) CSTR 0 Industries, Farmers, Communities, Investors
Anaerobic digestion for farms     Liquid manure, manure, agro-alimentary industry waste, (energy crops) CSTR 5 en France,
(4000 in Germany)
Farmers, Industries
Anaerobic digestion of wastewater treatment plants sludge Wastewater treatment plants sludge CSTR 130 Communities
FFOM Anaerobic digester  Bio-mechanical sorting of household waste and bio waste  “Dry” anaerobic digestion  : Valorga,dranco, kompogas 4 Communities
Individual anaerobic digesters  Kitchen waste, dejection - 0 in Francece,
(21 750 000 in China)
Covered discharge Household waste  Leachate 10 Communities
Natural process Gas of marshes, wisps etc - Nature


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