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Biogas Cogeneration

Electricity and heat cogeneration of biogas

Cogeneration is the production of electricity and heat out of biogas.

The cogeneration module consists of an engine which actuates an alternator - generator of electric current.

Un groupe de cogénération possède un rendement électrique de 35%.
The recovery of heat makes it possible to reach a total output of 85% if all produced heat is used.

Two types of engine can be used:

  • Gas engine: runs only on biogas,  high investment and maintenance costs 
  • Dual fuel engine: - the injection of a minor amount of fuel (10% of the power consumption), is used to ignite the mixture air/biogas. This type of engine is expensive in investment but generates purchase expenses of purchase and fuel storage expenses. The electric output is better than for a gas engine especially for small powers
biogas cogeneration engine
Biogas cogeneration engine


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