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Biogas valorisation

Biogas fuel

Among the bio fuels, biogas can play a part in the reduction of the dependence on transport based on fossil fuels because it is a renewable energy 

Since 1994, buses in Lille (North of France) experienced biogas fuel, a refined bio-methane and placed at the disposal of buses running to natural gas. 

In Sweden there exist 10 production units of biogas fuel (Linköpping and Uppsala) which feeds at the same time buses and private vehicles. Biogas comes from a unit of waste co-digestion of agricultural origin and allows feeding a fleet from 40 to 66 buses and 20 to 40 vehicles. Projects currently exist in France also for the Blue Taxis. 

Click here to watch a documentary on buses rolling on biogas in Lille (French language only)

Injection of biogas in the natural gas network: 

The ADEME and Gaz De France have put in place of it within a common convention signed on October 1st, 1997 a research and development program for the injection of biogas in the natural gas network. 

In October 2008, the French Agency of public health of the environment and work, delivered an favorable opinion for the injection of certain types of biogas in the natural gas network.

In order to read the press release (French language only) click here (French language only).


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