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Biogas plants

Biogas plants references

Completely Stirred Tank Reactor anaerobic digestion process

Stiehele biogas plant in Germany

STIEHLE Oberwilzingen Hayingen (Germany) installation

Biogaskontor company

  • Capacity: 180 kWe (614 520 Btu)
  • Waste: grass shearings, cereal waste, manure 
  • Capacity of the digesters: 1005m3

Beck Humlangen (Germany) installation

Biogaskontor company

  • Capacity: 360 kWe (1 229 040 Btu)
  • Waste: Cereals, liquid manure, canteen waste 
  • Hygenisation at 70°C
  • Capacity of the digesters: 942m3 + 1527m3 + 2280m3
hygenisation pit biogas plant Beck (Germany)Beck biogas plant in Germany

The Proveo© anaerobic digestion process

wastewater treatment plant for NP Pharm company

Technology Proveo© for the  NP Pharm company - Ethypharm Group (78) (Medicine company)

  • Type of effluent: waster water of washing and rinsing of a process of production of excipients for the drug company
  • Quantity of by-products 1100 t/year
  • Technology used: process of Proveo© anaerobic digestion
  • Food of the warm water factory starting from produced biogas
  • Average purification output: 90%

Technology SBR Cheese dairy , Maroilles cheese (59)

  • Flow and characteristic of food: 20m3/day to 20 G DCO/l
  • Purification output : 99% 
  • ower of the anaerobic digestion installation: 45 thermal kW (153 630 Btu)
Maroilles dairy wastewater treatment plant


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