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Biogas purification

Modes of purification

Whatever the valorisation of biogas (heat or electricity), the presence of a very large variety of components in the biogas, of which some, like the hydrogen sulphide have poisonous and corrosive properties which impose the implementation of biogas purification.

Usage Boiler combustion and process Electricity production and cogeneration Biogas fuel Injection in the natural gas grid
Purification requirement De-hydratation
Desulphurization (if necessary)    
De-sulphurization (if necessary)
Elimination of organo-halogen (if necessary)
Elimination of heavy metals (if necessary)
Period of valorisation Throughout the year During winter Throughout the year
Development phase of the solution Industrially tested solutions Industrially tested solutions Solutions tested industrially in Sweden (STEP) pilot phase in France Unit controls in the Netherlands, pilot phase in France

Biogas usage in industry

Examples of low risk applications 

Examples of prohibited applications


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