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The Sludge

Fertilizing value of waste

The digested sludge is the product residue of anaerobic digestion, composed of non-biodegradable organic matter (lignin), of the mineral matters (nitrogen, phosphorus) and of water. This digested sludge is stored in pits or concrete slabs.

sludge centrifugal sludge stocking

Elimination of the digested sludge by centrifugal
Source : Biogaskontor
Storage of the digested sludge on a concrete slab
Source : Biogaskontor

Properties :

The digested sludge can undergo a treatment of separation of liquid/solid phase to have a solid fraction rich in organic matter and phosphatic element which is managed like an amendment
A liquid fraction containing ammoniacal nitrogen and little organic matter, which can be used like liquid manure to replace nitrogenous fertilizers.



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